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Delete questions

You can delete a question, anytime. A deleted question is removed from the list of questions but it is available in the exam or results for the evaluation purpose.

You have an option to delete all the questions within a topic. If you delete a topic, all the questions in this topic are deleted. Please see ‘Delete a topic’ for more details.

Locate the question

  1. Sign in to biz:Examiner.
  2. Switch into the ‘author’ role using the role-switcher in the top left corner of the screen. In the sidebar, the ‘Questions’ option is selected by default.
  3. The list of topics appears in a hierarchical structure, as the folders.
  4. Locate the target question.

You can select multiple questions to delete these in one step. Use the ‘SHIFT’ key to select a range of questions or ‘Cmd’ key to select random questions.

Delete questions

  1. For one or more selected questions, click on the context-menu icon that is available immediately to the right side of this question name. A few options appear in the context menu for actions or tasks for this question.
  2. Click on ‘Delete’.
  3. biz:Examiner asks you to confirm if you want to delete this question. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm it.
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