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Common Reference to Add New Question: Using Text Editor

About the text editor

When you add new questions, a rich text editor enables you to use basic and advanced formatting and styling options for the text in the questions. For example you can set up text formatting for alignment, using lists, text colors, adding images or videos, and more advanced options.

In the text editor, a menu bar is available for different menu items and internal options. Please see “Common Reference to Add New Question: Using Menus” for more details on using the menu bar in the questions.

Find the question location

If you want to use the text editor in an existing question, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign into biz:Examiner.
  2. Switch into the ‘author’ role using the role-switcher in the top left corner of the screen. In the sidebar, the ‘Questions’ option is selected by default.
  3. If one or more topics exist, these appear in a hierarchical structure, as the folders. Locate the topic and the target question.

Using the text editor

The ‘Question text’ tab is selected by default.

Basic options

See the following options in the text editor.

  • Basic options to undo and redo
  • The ‘Format’ list that shows different heading levels, blocks, and inline styling options
  • Font size and text color
  • Text alignment
  • Apply list styles for numbered or unordered lists
  • Insert links
  • Insert images (Please see Common Reference to Add New Question: Add and Manage Images for detailed steps on adding images to the questions.)
  • See a print preview
  • Insert media file such as a video

Advanced options

In addition to the basic text editing options that are listed above, a few advanced editors are also available, as explained below.

Insert code sample

In the text editor, click on the ‘Insert or edit code sample’. The ‘Insert or edit code sample’ dialog appears.

  1. In ‘Language’ select the language in which you want to write or paste the code. For example, select HTML or XML, CSS, PHP, or any other language in the list.
  2. In the code area, write the code or paste it from an external reference.
  3. Click on ‘OK’ to insert this code in the ‘Question text’ area.

Follow the same steps to add more code samples, if required.

Insert Formula

The questions’ text editor gives you a comprehensive and advanced formula editor that you can use to design questions for technical subjects. For example, you can write mathematics questions for advanced formulae and equations, and use the symbols for writing questions in Chemistry, Physics, or other sciences. When you insert a formula, there are advanced configuration settings for the styling and properties to set up the usability or behavior of the formula in the questions. Please see Common Reference to Add New Question: Using Formula Editor for detailed instructions.

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