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Common Reference to Add New Question: Add and manage images

biz:Examiner enables you to add and reuse images across different questions. When you add or edit a question, there are different options to add an image. For example in the question text itself, or through the ‘Media/Resources’ tab to support the question.

All the images are available in an images gallery and you can use some or all the images for a common reference in all the questions within the owner.

Note: For different reasons, it is recommended you prepare all the images in advance before uploading these into biz:Examiner. The images need to be in the right file format (jpeg or png), and should be in the correct ratio for the dimensions and, and with optimized encoding to keep image size low. Optimizing image size can help with performance on local hardware  when an exam has many images.

Add images to a question

  1. Sign into biz:Examiner.
  2. Switch into the ‘author’ role using the role-switcher in the top right corner of the screen. In the sidebar, the ‘Questions’ option is selected by default.
  3. The topics appear in a hierarchical structure, as the folders. Locate the topic and the target question.
  4. Double click on the question.

Add images in ‘Question text’

When you open a question, the ‘Question text’ tab is selected by default. In the text editor, there is an option to insert images in the question text. Please see Common Reference to Add New Question: Using Text Editor for more details on using the text editor.

  1. In the question text, take the cursor at the location where you want to insert an image.
  2. In the text editor, click on the ‘Insert/add image’ icon.
  3. The ‘Insert/Add image’ dialog box opens.
  4. In ‘Source’, click on the select source icon. The ‘Insert image’ dialog opens.
  5. Click on ‘Select’ to browse and upload an image. Or, use the standard drag and drop action to upload the image. The image is selected and listed in this dialog box. (comment)

The images are uploaded to the images’ library for this question. Follow the same steps to upload more images. At this step, the upload images are not part of the question text.

Click on ‘Insert image’ to add this image in the question text.

Note: The images that you add to the images’ library via the ‘Question text’ of any question are available for the selected question only. To upload and use images that are available for multiple questions, use the ‘Media/Resources’ tab.

Set up image properties

After selecting an image, the ‘Source’ shows you the path of the selected image. You can set up image properties.

  • Image description: Write a description that works as the ALT tag for this image. This helps people who are using screen readers when taking the exam.
  • Dimensions: Change the image size if required. Select or clear the ‘Constrain proportions’ checkbox to adjust the height-width ratio of the image.
  • Class: Select ‘Enlarge on click’ to help the exam participants click on the image and see it in its original and enlarged size.
  • Click ‘Ok’ to save the image properties.

About the images library

In the ‘Insert image’ dialog box where you upload images, there are two listings of images available in two different tabs, as explained below.

Images in this question

Select the ‘Images in this question’ tab. You can see all the images that you uploaded in this question. It includes the images that you upload:

  • By using the text editor in the ‘Question text’ tab
  • By using the ‘Media/Resources’ tab for this question.

Select any update in this list, and click on the ‘Insert image’ button to insert the selected image into the question text.

Images available for all questions

Select the ‘Images available for all questions’ tab. You can see all the images that you have uploaded in the ‘Media/Resources’ tab for any question in this tab, and if you enabled the ‘Share’ option for those images.

Add images in ‘Media/Resources’

In the ‘Media/Resources’ tab, you can upload images or other types of files as part of any question. For each file including the images, you can enable the ‘Share’ option to make this image available for all the questions. All these shared images are available in the ‘Images available for all questions’ tab in the images gallery.

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