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What are topics

A conceptual introduction to topics

What is a topic

You can add and organize the questions and exams in different folders, in a hierarchical structure. These folders are called topics. The number of levels in the tree-like topics
structure is unlimited.

For example, you can plan multiple topics for each subject, or categories of exams, or for a specific region or location. Topics are a way to group your questions and exams logically. See Add a new topic to get started with topics.

When you have a few topics and each of these have one or more internal topics and questions, there are different actions available for each topic.

While topics for exams only serve for structuring exams, the topics for questions are needed when configuring exam modules. See Set up exam structure for more details.

Topics for questions can also be used for getting detailed exam results based on all topics that appear in an exam. See how to set up results settings for more details.

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