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Exam result settings

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up the result settings of an exam

This article describes how you can set up the result settings of an exam, in your biz:Examiner authoring environment.

There are different options for how you can create a new exam. In either option, the ‘Result settings’ is one of the steps to add the result-specific details about the exam. Please see Create a new exam to get started with creating an exam.

The ‘Result Settings’ details

For an exam, the points that the participants score for each question and the percentage they score in the exam is calculated based on the points and settings that you define in each question.

The maximum points possible for all questions in an exam are summed up and compared in percent to the total sum of the achieved points. This percentage value is the overall result of the examination.

In addition to the points scored for each question, the final result includes some scoring criteria in the background for individual blocks and question groups as well as for topics where the questions are picked from.

Result value settings

Cutoff value

The cutoff value sets the minimum percentage that is required to pass this exam. If the participant achieves exactly the cutoff value or more than this value, the result is considered a pass.

Result grades

You can set up different grades here to show grades as a result of this exam.

Click on ‘add result grade’. In the first field, add the value that defines the start value of this grade and write the name of this grade in the next field. Click on the ‘Save’ icon to save this grade. Follow the same steps to create more grades. For any grade, click on the ‘Delete’ icon to remove it.

Round results

Select your prefered rounding method for your exam results.

  • By default, the ‘Commercial’ option is selected which means that the exact value is shown as the result.
  • Select ‘Round up’ to round off the result value to the nearest absolute number, up.
  • Select ‘Round down’ to round off the result value to the nearest absolute number, down.

Result display settings

When the participants submit their answers in an exam, you can define the options for what message they see, whether they can see the result immediately, and what they should see in their result either at the same time, or later in the result report.

You will be informed: The participant will see that they will be informed about the result. In this option, they will be informed about their exam result via a different communication channel. This can be a useful option when the exam has one or more descriptive answer questions and so the total result cannot be evaluated in real time immediately when the participants finish and submit the exam.

Passed/Failed: Select this option to share the result with the participant whether they have passed or failed in this exam.

Including result per cent: Select this option to share the result with the participants with the actual percentage that they score in the exam. This is in addition to the Passed/Failed that they see as the result.

Detailed result by exam structure: In addition to showing the exam result as Passed/Failed and the percentage, you can show the result for each block and question groups in this exam. Select this option to show the result for each block and question group.

Detailed result by topic structure: In addition to showing the exam result as Passed/Failed and the percentage, you can show the result for each topic. Select this option to show the detailed result for each topic in this exam, fr example as below.

Detailed insight: Select this option to give a choice to the participants that they can request for exam inspection, including evaluation and feedback, immediately after completion of the exam.

When the participants finish their exam, they see the result immediately, and then can see an option to see the detailed insights. They can click on ‘Proceed to detailed insight’ and the insights show their attempt for each question, and the correct answer.

For showing the insights, you have an option to define advanced settings.

Certificate/ report download only: Select this option to allow the participants to download the exam result in a PDF document. biz:Examiner supports different templates of these PDF reports and certificates. If you select this option, select the certificate template in the ‘Certificate template’ drop-down below. To know more about these templates, contact the biz:Examiner support team.

Achievement (On-screen, PDF, Email): If the participants score an achievement, you can define the related actions such as its display and download options.

Select this option and you can see the following.

  • Achievement ruleset: Use this drop-down field to assign a predefined and labeled achievement for this exam module. The associated ruleset defines how the participants can reach the achievement by passing a set of exam modules.
  • Display text if achievement not (yet) reached: Add the message that the participant will see if they fall short of the achievement.
  • Display on-screen: Enable this option to share the achievement on the screen itself.
  • PDF download available: Enable this option to allow the participants to download their proof of achievement as a PDF file.
  • Send email with PDF: Enable this option to allow the participants to send this achievement PDF as an email. When you select this option, two additional fields appear. In ‘Email subject’, write the default email subject that the participants will see in this email. In ‘Email body’, write the message for this email.

Customized template: If you want to use your customized template and want to know more about templates, please contact the Biz:Examiner team.

Certificate template

You have an option to use a predefined template to share the exam result with the participants. In that case, please contact the biz:Examiner support team to share the templates.

Send exam printout PDF email to

At present, this option is not available as a stable version. If you specifically need this option that the exam results are automatically sent to this pre-redefined email address, contact our support team.

Save the result settings

Click on ‘Save’ to save the result settings.

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