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Add a new question: Photo based answer

Step-by-step instructions on how to add a new question of the Photo based answer type

Adding a new question is common across all question types. To see how to add a new question, see Add a new question.

Add new photo based answer type question

This question type successfully pushes analogue work, such as drawings on paper, into our digital examination software. Students are working out their solution on paper or otherwise analogue. Then exam takers use the App and by scanning the QR code on screen they can take a picture of their paper-based solution. The picture will be uploaded and directly appears on screen in the associated question. “Photo based Answer” is an open question type and needs manual marking which can be done directly on the uploaded pictures.

To add a new photo-based answer type question, follow the steps below.

  1. Select ‘Photo based answer’ as the question type. The ‘New question’ dialog box opens that shows the question type as ‘Photo based answer’.
  2. In ‘Title’, write the title of this question. This title appears in the list of topics.
  3. In ‘Language’, select a language that you want to use in the question.
  4. In ‘Assign to question topic’ assign the question to a topic.
  5. In ‘Tags’, write one or more tags for this question. These tags can be the keywords for this question that you can use to search a question anytime.
  6. Click on ‘Create’ to save this new question. You can click on ‘Back’ to select another type of question to get started.

When a new question is added to the list of topics, a yellow color icon shows in the topic title. It means that the question is not activated.

Complete the question details and advanced settings

The ‘Question text’ tab

The ‘Question text’ tab is selected by default. Write the question text here.

Text editor for formatting

A text editor is available to format the question content for styling options. Please see Common reference to add a new question: Using text editor, for the detailed instructions.

The menu options

The text editor shows a menu bar where a set of menus show you the basic text editor options, and a few additional and advanced actions to set up the right structure of the questions’ text as required. Please see Common reference to add a new question: Using menus, for the detailed instructions.


You have an option to add an instruction for this question. Instructions are common for the same question types. If another ‘Yes no’ type question already has one or more instructions in any language, these instructions are available in this new ‘Yes no’ type question in the same language, for your use. 

  1. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon and the ‘Edit instructions’ dialog box opens. 
  2. Click on ‘Add instruction’.
  3. In ‘Language’, select a language for the instruction text.
  4. In ‘Instruction text’ write the content for the instruction.
  5. Click on ‘Save’ to save this instruction.

Follow the same steps to add more instructions and you can select any one instruction, anytime when you edit this question.

The ‘File Settings’ tab

“Number of upload files possible” is the setting to define how many pictures can be uploaded through the bizExaminer App for this single question.

Use the ‘Assessment criteria’ field to provide information for the marker of this question in text format.

Note: There is no automatic instruction to the candidate to use the bizExaminer App from App stores. Reason is that it’s possible to integrate this feature as well in own Apps like campus apps. We recommend informing the candidates in advance of the exam which App has to be used.

The App is available in Google play store and Apple app store.

The ‘Options’ tab

Evaluation settings

The ‘Evaluation settings’ enable you to set up point scoring settings for the question. 

  • In ‘Maximum possible points’, write the maximum points that the participants can score when they answer the question.

General settings

In ‘Show info overlay when jumping to the question’, you can add and use information overlays to add additional messages. For example, a tooltip like help text for the participants when they are in an exam. Please see Common reference to add new question: Using info overlays for more details.

Select ‘Show question text in split panel (not available in preview)’ to show the question text in a column view when the participants answer this question. Select ‘show in left panel’ or ‘show in right panel’ to show the question in the left side or right side column of the answer space, respectively.

The other tabs

For the instructions on the other details in the ‘Options; tab, the ‘Feedback’ tab, the ‘Media/Resources’ tab, the ‘Information’ tab, the ‘Topics’ tab, and the ‘Preview’ tab, please see Add a new question for details.

Save options

  • Click on ‘Save’ to save these details in the question. When you use the ‘Save’ option, the question does not impact the exam if it is added to an exam. In a way, the question is saved as a draft and you can add it to an exam, anytime. 
  • Click on ‘Save and activate’ to save the question, and to activate it. This means that the question is locked now and is ready to be added to an exam. If you make any changes in the question or its settings after you use ‘Save and activate’, the question is saved as the next revision for an exam.
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