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Integrating paper based answers into digital exams

Successfully uploading paper based answers into the bizExaminer exam using Photo based answer question type and the bizExaminer app

This article describes how exam owners can set up an exam so exam takers can leverage the bizExaminer app to upload paper-based answers right into the exam they are taking.

This process leverages the new question type ‘Photo based answer’, as well as the new bizExaminer app (find it on the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store).

For Authors

In the bizExaminer authoring environment you find a question type called ‘Photo based answer’.

Read more about configuring the question type in the article Add a new question: Photo based answer.

For test takers

Note: There is no explicit reminder for test takers to download the bizExaminer app. Please instruct your exam takers to download the bizExaminer app ahead of the exam either from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

During the exam

While taking the exam, test takers will see a QR code when reaching a question of type photo based answer. They will work on their solution on paper first.



Uploading offline answers to the exam using the app

When exam takers start the app, they are asked to scan the QR code on-screen. This will make sure the uploaded picture gets associated with the correct question and student. The app then prompts the exam taker to take a picture of their solution, and uploads it directly to the exam question.

Note: A working internet connection in both the exam computer and the phone running the app is required for this to work. Picture sizes are optimized to avoid prohibitive data transfer volumes.

Test takers will see the picture appear directly in the question on screen, and can verify the upload shows the correct image.

If the exam taker needs to correct the image, they can do so, or otherwise confirm the image is correct and clear and move on to the next question.

During marking of the exam

The photo based answer question type is an ‘open’ question type, meaning marking can’t happen automatically. Instead, a person (marker) needs to take a look at the responses and enter a score for the exam takers answers.

As with other questions of this type, the manual evaluation/manual marking happens through the ‘exam insight’ in the role ‘manual marker’ or by clicking on the link provided by the bizExaminer API in connected systems.

Additionally to manual entering points and writing evaluation comments, it is possible to mark directly on the pictures with supported drawing tools and comment functionality.

For more information, see the article Add a new question: Photo based answer.

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